A technology that ensures the trust of companies


Unintegrated and separate systems have operated in society as it has existed until now. In the future, however, there will be a transition to a system built upon a network connected by trust.

To do away with the difference between the strong and the weak in business, we must build a society without improper late payments. Our hope is to be a place where technicians all over the world can make effective use of their spare time.


TRUSTEM offers a system that makes company reliability concretely visible, reduces improper contracts in business-to-business dealings, and makes clean business and contracts possible.

Equating trust with a company’s billing payment record, we concretely quantify the results of this record so that you can see a client’s most recent payment record and judge whether there is any problem with the client’s financial condition.


TRUSTEM employs a system called PPUF (Pay Per Use Format) where the creator of the billing format used is paid 25% of the payment fees necessary at the time of payment.

This system allows system participants to release originally created formats, and earn an incentive for every billing that is issued in their format.


Compatibility with multiple languages and industry types is made possible by establishing a plugin function for TRUSTEM's base system. Moreover, anyone with programming knowledge can easily participate in the development of this plugin function, which vastly simplifies billing work for each industry type.

Furthermore, this is a system where 25% of the payment fee is paid as an incentive to the plugin developer whose plugin function is built into a bill payment made on "TRUSTEM".

Thus, this is a system that any technician anywhere in the world can easily participate in and obtain remuneration from.

By gaining the support of technicians throughout the world, "TRUSTEM" will become a platform that constantly continues evolving.


The number of tokens sold at a cloud sale including an air drop will be distributed as 75% of the whole in the token allocation ratio.

Funds Allocation
Token Allocation
Token Symbol STM
Token Value 1STM=$100
Total Token Supply 400,000STM
Soft Cap 30,000STM
Hard Cap 100,000STM
Sale Period 08/01/2018 to 10/31/2018
Premium BONUS 100STM or more 200%
50STM or more 150%
25STM or more 100%
10STM or more 50%
Under 10STM 25%
For the opening of the cloud sale, we have outsourced our marketing division to a company that is a supporter of our business.
We have made an article out of the content from an interview done with this cooperating company.

"TRUSTEM" token is listed on WAVES DEX (https://wavesplatform.com/).
TOKEN ID: 2Vem1BceVmeBahxCjwWVUtPZ7L7fKbY49Zb1kpLwDsEk
Verify the token name and ID before trade and/or transfer.

We have a remote working structure with hubs located in various parts of the world and Calgary as the center.

In recent years, on the flip side of massive growth of the cryptocurrency industry, there are increasing incidents of hacking and theft. With the protection of users from direct or indirect risks in mind, until a robust security environment is in place, we will be choosing the information we make public.

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